Barbara Luna

« I’m an Argentine because I was born in Argentina, but I feel part of the world, difficult to explain, it has to be lived »

Born in the heart of the pampas, at Roque Perez, Barbara is a fascinating mix of energy and softness.
A generous soul with a powerful voice, she takes us to the depths of the emotions and the convictions that drive the heart of humanity.
Endowed with a fiery temperament, she embodies Latin America.
Drawing on the Amerindian and African roots of Argentine music. Her songs speak of love, of liberty, of the richness in mixed cultures, burning passion and endless horizons.
Barbara recorded her first album in Paris in 1998, “A La Vida a La Muerte” an initiatory voyage through South America and which was unanimously acclaimed by the critics.
1998 also saw her come to the attention of the greater public when she played at the Printemps de Bourges. Barbara then launched into an international career, playing at the travelling festival of world music, Womad – created by Peter Gabriel.
All over the world – Canary Isles, Sicily, Czech Republic, South Africa, Singapore, United States, Australia, Greece – she has shown she is a real stage artist.

In 2001, her second album, of her own compositions, “India Morena” was released and was marked up “Attention – Talent” by the FNAC.
From slow and sultry Latin ballads to caliente Cuban son, she is an artist who covers the entire spectrum South American musical energy.
Whether performing in an intimate Parisian night-club or centre-stage at Womad in front of thousands, the sounds she has the will to drive, and the messages she carries are compelling and powerful.
Here is the prof of her potential and off the arrival of a new, extremely strongly-minded and hot-blooded diva from South America.

“The new Evita..” (Africa del Sur, April 2000)
“A South American diva who sings of peace” (La Republique, 2/12/2002)
“..a charisma that matches her incredible vocal talents contributes to her great success” (Centre Culturel Tjibaou, New Caledonia)
“She stole the show at Womad..” (Womad performers 2001..)

In 2005, she recorded her third album, “Somos”, a blend of candombe, tango, jazz and salsa. Barbara Luna continues to develop this elegant acoustic mix, acclaimed by the connaisseurs, where traditional and contemporary sounds meet.

A « Live » album recorded in Athens in 2006 testifies to Barbara’s generosity and sensitivity, both in her songs and in the way she completely gave herself over to the audience.
In that same year, an encounter with Raul Paz led to the album « Ruta 3 »in 2009 where joy and melancholy are woven together – the avant-garde Argentina of today.

…“A woman of temperament, she transforms all the musical roots of Argentina into an acoustic composition that is full of energy” …(Bouziane Daoudi, Liberation, 2009)

In Argentina in March 2014, “India Morena” becomes the highlight of the main show of the national festival, La Vendimia, with more than 80,000 spectators each night. With 40 musicians and 500 dancers on stage, it was the main event on national television for 4 nights.
‪Barbara Luna – Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia 2014
‪entrevista canal9

Coming to her latest work, her sixth album « Hijos Del Sol » is recorded in Argentina, in Paris, and in Brittany. We find Barbara fulfilled and profound. The sounds are organic and enveloping, particularly with the brilliant percussion of her friend Steve Shehan ( a universal and eclectic percussionist who has accompanied some of the greatest artists of rock, world, English-language and French music: Paul Simon, Alain Stivel etc..) and the musical director Jean’M’Ba N’Guema.

A pure gem not to be missed when it comes out.